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The electoral roll is published for each electoral polling district and has two types. The full electoral roll is available for supervised searching for free if you make an appointment and attend the local council offices.

You can however save yourself the hassle of going to the local authority offices in person and carry out an online electoral roll search even for free.

192 provide a mix of free and paid search results. If no free search results are found then you can purchase a set of premium results. These only cost a few pence per successful search so are great value for money.

You can filter search results by the name of the person you are searching for, or by their age range, approximate location or even what they do for a job.

To start your search simply click on the 192 banner below or enter the name details in the top right box. Searches are always free to try and your results are instant. Good luck with your search.

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Searching the Electoral Roll

To search an electoral roll you just need the persons first name and surname, if you know a middle initial or have an idea where they may be located like a radius of 17 miles from Ascot this will  reduce the amount of results and let you find the person you are searching for even quicker.

Go to " Electoral Roll free " or click on the 192 banner To start your Electoral Roll search they are free to try and if you want the full details they only cost a few pence each if no FREE results are available for you.